Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Centrelink Rent Certificate form (SU523)

Many people have been asking where to obtain a Centrelink Rent Assistance form, officially known as Rent Certificate form (SU523)

Centrelink makes it (deliberately?) difficult to obtain their forms when it comes to making life easier for welfare recipients.

Please find below the form available for download:

Page 1 at 600dpi (2.6MB)

Page 2 at 600dpi (3.1MB)


Unknown said...

Any chance of making this useful by posting it as a 2 pg. PDF? Then it could be filled in online, via browser & all it needs is the signature.

Everything's Free said...

Wow... Thanks a lot for your kind effort. I tried everywhere and no luck finding it, appreciate this.

Poj said...

Bless you

Unknown said...

Thank you so much!! Could not find on their site and even though they have a copy of my lease I apparently still need this form....?

MildManneredDuck said...

Apparently Centrelink is supposed to mail you this form when you change your address. I got a nice letter about how I need to complete and submit a rent certificate...but the rent certificate was not included. Seriously.

Shelby Wilson said...

Thanks so much I uploaded it straight away and called them and they have fixed it. Payment in 2 days! Saved me waiting a week
For the forms to come via mail! Life saver :)

Mimosa said...

Thank you.I could not find the form anywhere,even on the Centrelink website.
It saves time to go to the office to get the hard copy or wait to receive by mail.