Monday, February 3, 2014

Driver's Licence unlawful?

Speeding/traffic tickets are the first contact many people have with the current criminal justice system... a speeding ticket can affect your driver's record and wallet for several years. 

When cars became popular, local councils (pretending to be Government), established traffic laws to limit accidents with horse-drawn wagons and ensure the animals did not bolt and get out of control of the Drivers. . But councils and private security Company/Corporations pretending to be  Police Officers discovered massive revenue raising opportunities.- fines and penalties for “crimes” where there is no danger, no victim, even when there is not another automobile nor carriage in sight.  

Since the beginning of traffic “laws”, drivers have received tickets for "strict liability" offenses.     In other words, the person can be found guilty of breaking a “law”, without any criminal intent to do so.  By the way, they are not Laws, they are statutes of the private Company/Corporation that dreamed them up and copyrighted them  No valid Act has been made in Australia since 1973 


According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a ‘Driver’ is one who is engages in commerce on the highways. Are you transporting cargo or passengers on the Highway and make a living from that? If so, you are a ‘Driver’.- If you are not an employee or contractor with any Company/Corporation, nor charging a fee to transport passengers or goods, then you are not a driver - you are simply exercising your right to travel in your automobile (or any machine) on the Queen' Highways and By-ways. You are not a driver -ie one employed in controlling a horse (which has life) which is drawing a carriage, wagon or whatever (which has no life. Your automobile has no life..If you are not using the highways for profit, even, with the use of extraordinary machines, you as a sovereign individual under Divine Law cannot be required to have a driver's license. .


According to Blacks fifth edition law dictionary LICENCE means "The permission by competent authority to do an act which without such permission, would be illegal". What it is saying is if you wish to do certain acts then you are committing an offence (you are a criminal) if you do not get a license (permission) from competent authority (the true government), before you engage in those acts. Almost none of us wish to be criminals or break the law, and so we BLINDLY  presume, assume that we must obtain a license.

Let us stop for a moment, and dissect this information. We know that marriage is "lawful" and we know that the government cannot give permission (license / permit) to do anything "unlawful". For example you cannot get a license / permission to beak into other peoples' homes or property because that is unlawful right? We must now realize that anything that we can do legally with a license, we can lawfully do without one. 

Next we need to take notice of the fact that, if a license is permission. Then it follows that  WE must have ASKED for permission. Permission is seldom given unless someone requests it. Who normally asks for permission? Children, guests, employees  ask for permission. When your parents unknowingly signed your Birth Certificate, they handed you over to be become a ward of the government, a child of the State. Incompetents ask for permission. Someone incapable of handling their own affairs or who are not in control, ask for permission. Ask yourself who established government, and who has authority over government? WE DO! we just don't take the time to learn what is true authority, and Pastors and Church leaders refuse to teach you, because they now are employees of Corporations and are “licensed”.

Licenses are: a) a form of tax. b) a way of controlling our lives. Everything you can do legally with a permit or license you can do lawfully without a permit or license. You can feed your family (a natural lawful act) without a permit / business license. why? Because it is one of your basic human inalienable rights (the right to property,  the right to work, and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

There are only three basic LAWS we could or should be accountable for
1) Injury to person (covers murder, assault, rape, slander, libel defaming ones name etc. etc)
2) Injury to property (includes physical property, intellectual property, income, loss of revenue etc. etc.)
3) Mischief (fraud) in our contracts verbal or otherwise: (Speaks for itself)

All others (statutes, and by laws) do not apply to us (such as accidentally running a stop sign at 3:00am with no resulting injured party). Statutes are only for those in commerce. All government, and so called government departments today are Private "Corporations", that is Federal, State and Local Councils and their offshoots. 

Corporations exist in name only, on paper. You can find the listings of the Corporations on ASIC website. Men and women live in geographical areas known as Queensland, New South Wales etc or Australia. A man or woman cannot exist within the "Corporation of Australia" because it exists in name only. When you get a violation ticket it tells you that you were speeding in Western Australia or wherever, what they do not tell you is that they are referring to the Corporation of W A…. , 


Three things that influence our lives to a greater extent than all others are, Politics, Law, and Banking (the money system). Yet they are three of the most neglected topics in our education system. How many students graduating today can recite what their basic rights are? How many can recite 10 consecutive words from the Magna Carta or our Constitution and how many could explain the meaning of Habeas Corpus ? 
It is my intent only to provide some alternative avenues of thought. Individual research and verification is the order of the day. The status quo is based both on our choices and our ignorance. As they say, "ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law". If you take the time to become informed and not remain silent, you will help change the status quo. 

See illustration below pertaining to 'driver's license' and the legality of it.



Bannister Nicholas said...

Its very interesting, yet at the end of the day, the Police officer may arrest you, and you'll spend a day or so in jail while quoting laws your not very familiar with, and have to pay a lawyer to quote them better than you, and lose several days of your time to defend your point.

Rick Kelzke said...

It,s that weak bullshit way of thinking that has allowed them to take you freedom away i prey you don,t have any children if you do your a pathetic parent what,s a few days now compared to a lifetime of zero freedom

Rick Kelzke said...

I prey tour not a parent selling out the future over a few day now. Your way of thinking is fearfully common and freedoms biggest enemy. Modern common knowledge has very little intelligence backing it up.The general population YOU have become to stupid to even notice what,s really important for themselves. It,s sad and painful to see.

Gloria Figueroa said...

It's not point talking to a blind man like Nicholas his ears are blocked Too

swann747 said...

A load of idle banter that will never get anywhere

Craig Barratt said...

All good points made above, we are all interested in becoming educated so we can defend ourselves. Can we get a 101 short course to arm us with facts that the cops can't deny or enforce ? For instance, if I pulled over for speeding, what should I do? When my rates are due what should I do?
When my bank wants me to repay a home loan what should i do?


Martin Lietzow said...

Black's Law Dictionary is America's most trusted law dictionary online.

This is Australia, so use an Australian Law resource. Copying and pasting from some crap that you found on the net shows how little proper research you have done.

AuCorp said...

Black's law dictionary is a legal resource referenced in over 150 HCA (High Court Australia)cases. Please do your research before posting inaccurate opinions.

Kind Regards.

Neil Cutten said...

Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who think this is the "magic bullet" they have been looking for. Even if you produce this entire document to a roadside police officer, he won't believe you because that is not what he learned at the Academy.
Education is the key. Police and other Government authorities need to be educated as to the law, as it applies here. Until that is done, be prepared for your day in court to argue your case.

Blair Mckerley said...

If there was no penalty for running a red light or breaking the speed limit or changing lanes without indicating etc then everyone would run red lights, everyone would speed and everyone would change lanes without indicating.
It would be chaos and accidents would go through the roof.
A license is a way of being able to make people be able to be made accountable for their actions .! And rego is for the same. If you had no way of identifying a car or a driver then no one would be stopping after accidents or at Red lights etc. I am all for Freeman but some things are there for a reason. The cost associated with rego and license is BS tho.

Katalin Hayes said...

It matters not whether you’re right or not, can you enforce your position, so far I have not seen nor been a party to or with anyone who has been successful. Many people think they are successful when they are in fact not. You will have no success until you get one government agency to take upon another agency. I have lost track of the number of people who know so little yet they think they know so much. Solicitors and barristers are not for the most part shonky. If they thought they could be successful using such strategies they would. In fact that is why there is much case law, it’s because the legal fraternity has taken the system on.

What everyone forgets in the end is that the government whilst technically there democratically, is all powerful and the less powerful must bow to the more powerful or pay the price, whether we like it or not.

Zara Pine said...
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Zara Pine said...
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mathew hrestak said...

if they both serve the same purpose of "identification" why do you need both? and either one makes no difference unless u catch the driver correct? so drivers license wouldnt change that! and reg is a fucking joke if it was again for identification y is it almost $800 a year? plates are made by prissoners tax free (including personalised) to drive on public roads u pay tax for! last time was in there paid a $40 admin fee! paracites add that to the fines (they even break the law to catch u on) eg. illegal parking with radars and they have got a pretty good money making SCEME going on!