Monday, September 25, 2017

Australia The Concealed Colony the book the federal police removed from bookshelves

It seems that the people in the 'Australian Government' are in full swing to cover up the deception and fraud committed by them against the good people of Australia.

In order for the masses not to know the legal and political reality they live in, within Australia, the Australian Federal Police last year have removed a book by the title;

Australia - The Concealed Colony

We have obtained information that this book is impossible to obtain in hard copy from bookshops.

However, this book is available in pdf (464p, 40MB) format;

Victoria Police rife with sex predators?

The slave population of Australia are told that the police are there to "uphold the right" (whatever that means), that apparently there some sort of code of ethics, and that the police are keepers of the (queen's - you know the 'queen' of Australia - p.s. not a lawful entity) peace, supposed to protect life and property, but the reality is far different from the rosy picture painted in words.

Make no mistake about it that Victoria Police is corrupt to the core, where the media is told what information to release via the police media liaison officer.

Victoria Police is covering up an enormous amount of criminal activity within its organisation. 

Let's just take a look at one aspect that Herald Sun publication wrote (text only version) on the 25th of Sep 2017 under the headline;

Victoria Police officers probed over over criminal and disciplinary sex offences

VICTORIA’S Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton says there is still a long way to go to end workplace sexual harassment within Victoria Police.

Mr Ashton today apologised to those in the force subjected to attacks and harassment by sexual predators in their workplace.

A taskforce set up to probe criminal and disciplinary sex offences committed by police has investigated more than 100 cases and is still probing a further 80, as reported by the Herald Sun this morning.

The report was released today. 

Of the current investigations into sexual harassment and discrimination, two-thirds occurred after the release of the first report in December 2015.

“We’re still seeing harm perpetrated in the workforce,” Mr Ashton said this morning.

“We’re still seeing considerable resistance to change and ... change slow to progress in a number of areas.”

But the Chief Commissioner said there was evidence of change and the efforts of Taskforce Salus were “making an impact”.

“This is not a progress we give up and walk away from,” he said.

“We’re seeing we are making a difference and that motivates us to continue.”

Mr Ashton apologised to all women in Victoria Police who had experienced harm and sexual harassment in the workforce.

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission head Kristen Hilton said today’s review should be a celebration of progress made so far.

“It’s the individual and collective strength that comes from being bold and brave enough to create the change … to disrupt the structures that can underpin and shape your workforce,” she said.

Almost all the victims of criminal and disciplinary sex offences committed by police are female Victoria Police officers or public servants.

“The fact that some within our ranks continue to harm their colleagues is appalling,” Mr Ashton says in the report, released today.

“I want everyone to know that these behaviours will not be tolerated. Perpetrators will be identified and held to account.

“We know that there is still harm occurring and I again apologise on behalf of our organisation to all of those who have experienced it.”

Three of the Victoria Police employees Mr Ashton is appalled by have so far been sacked and a further 23 have resigned from the force while being investigated over sex allegations made against them.

All the 184 sex complaints — which include alleged criminal behaviour and alleged disciplinary offences — have been made to the force’s Taskforce Salus since the damning phase one report by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission was released in December 2015.

That dossier revealed the force was riddled with systemic sexual predatory behaviour, sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

The phase two report was release