Tuesday, April 17, 2018

WD Purple microSD or the SanDisk High Endurance card?

On the 11th day of April 2018 the corporation Western Digital announced a new line of surveillance storage microSD cards that being the WD Purple, of capacities 32GB and 64GB, in line with the nomenclature used with their hard disk storage solutions.

Following that announcement it would be a great idea to bring a detailed test report to our readers, so off we go to the local technology wholesaler, but alas no stock, as they have not made it down to the British penal colony called Australia.

So the next best thing would be to do a product comparison from factory specifications, for the mathematically challenged.

According to wdc.com their microSD card is rated at 80MB/s read and 50MB/s write performance.

The endurance rating of the 64GB card is up to 64 TBW (Terabytes Written).


According to SanDisk.com their High Endurance video monitoring microSD card of 64GB capacity is good for 10,000 (ten thousand) hours of recording at Full HD, in line with their nomenclature used in their hard disk line of storage solutions.

The read and write speed of the card is rated at 20MBps.

SanDisk defined Full HD video at 1920 x 1080 resolution at 26Mbps (Megabits per second)

26Mbps = 3.25MBps (Mega Bytes per second) = 195MB per minute = 11.7GB per hour.

Since the above white microSD card is good for 10,000 hours then the amount of data that it's good for is 117,000GB or it's Endurance Rating is 117 TBW.

While the purple card is quicker in both read and write, the white card has an endurance rating of 1.8 times the new purple one.

Also note that Western Digital announced to acquire SanDisk in October 2015.

Monday, April 16, 2018

LinkedIn deceptive conduct for data harversting using Dark Patterns

LinkedIn is another corporation that should be in the courts if not at least in Australia, but also other jurisdictions, e.g. the U.S and E.U.

Under Australian consumer law, LinkedIn is implementing something called unconscionable conduct or another version of deception or fraud.

The way LinkedIn is doing this is by deliberately hiding text when a user sets up an account with LinkedIn, something that the industry calls Dark Patterns.

Let's see how long the Australian authorities will take to catch on.

It took 2 years for the Australian authorities to act on a post we posted regarding Domain name fraud.

It seem there's not much interest in protecting the Australian consumers (or rather data providers), as it's better cheaper for corporations, that the slaves compile and later provide their data to corporations for 'free'.

We do not recommend using LinkedIn.

See detailed document outlining LinkedIn's deceptive conduct;

Friday, April 13, 2018

Apple Malware

Apple's software is Malware (malicious software).

Apple is a company that thwarts technological advances.

Apple is a tax evading corporation seemingly untouchable by the Australian government.

We do not recommend the purchase or use of Apple products.

If you are using Apple products, here are some reasons not to, as documented by stallman.org under the headline;

Reasons not to use Apple

Worker abuse
Right to repair
Tax avoidance
Other reasons



Apple spies on its users, and helps others spy on them.
  • If you carry a cell phone, it tells Big Brother where you are. Apple wants to hand out the information too.
    Using the lever of "You have a choice, but unless you say yes, your old activities will stop working" is something that Apple has done before, with malicious "upgrades". Apple ostensibly doesn't force people to accept the new nasty thing; it just punishes them if they don't.
  • Apple left a security hole in iTunes unfixed for 3 years after being informed about the problem. During that time, governments used that security hole to invade people's computers.
  • Apple's Capitulation to China's VPN Crack-Down Will Return to Haunt it at Home.
  • Apple has outsourced its user data storage in China to a company controlled by the Communist Party of the province of Guizhou

Worker abuse

Tax avoidance

Apple practices tax avoidance using loopholes and lobbying.
  • Apple pioneered techniques for avoiding the US corporate tax (even though it is far too low) in order to pay next to no tax.
    The loopholes that Apple uses would be closed, if not for the political power of business. "Free trade" treaties give business increased power to block such changes, so we must abolish them to break business's power.
  • The Apple CEO met with the troll and said: "Tim Cook from Apple, I'm here to talk to the President-elect about the things we can do to help you achieve your stated goal."
    This text was transcribed from a video recording. I can't offer a reference because the web site requires nonfree Javascript code.
    Cook was angling for a big tax cut for multinational businesses.
  • Apple Avoided $40 Billion in Taxes (by lobbying for a tax cut). Now It Wants a Gold Star?

Right to repair

Other reasons

  • Apple iThings pioneered a new level of restricting the users: they were the first general purpose computers to impose censorship over what programs the user can install. Apple practices Digital Restrictions Management in many other ways too.
  • Ebooks with DRM won't work on an iThing that is jailbroken, due to intentional sabotage by Apple.
    E-books with digital handcuffs are products designed to attack your freedom, much like the iThing itself.
  • Apple doesn't trust, or respect, those who use its products.
  • Apple exploits the app developers mercilessly, aside from a few stars whose role is to give a misleading impression of what developers can expect.
    I can't sympathize much with those app developers, since they are making proprietary software. They all deserve to fail. However, that doesn't excuse the way Apple treats them.
  • Apple lures people into the business of developing apps with visions of the great wealth that a few of them get. Most just fail, often losing a substantial investment.
    Anyone who intentionally develops proprietary software (i.e., does not respect users' freedom) deserves no sympathy, but that doesn't excuse Apple for luring people into it. Some of them would not have tried to develop proprietary software if not for Apple.
  • Apple is a major patent aggressor. Here's a rather absurd patent that Apple will surely use against other mobile computers. This joins many other patents which Apple is already using to attack free software.
  • Lots of iThing users complained that they did not want the U2 album "gift" that Apple stuck them with — and that it was hard to delete.
    These complaints focus on a superficial problem, reflecting the shallow thinking that Apple instills in its users. Ironically, though, this superficial problem reflects a much deeper problem that the complainers have failed to notice: the unjust power that Apple has imposed on whoever uses an iThing or iTunes.
  • Apple turns a blind eye to environment in China.
    Although Apple has joined EPEAT again, it does not cover the iThings — only the Macintosh.
  • Apple practices planned obsolescence for the iBad — in just two years.
  • Apple store staff are taught twisted psychological manipulation.
    The mere practice of referring to service staff as "geniuses" is dishonest already.
  • Apple devices lock users in solely to Apple services by being incompatible with all other options, ethical or inethical.
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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Australian Government forcing you online

Once choices are removed you are no longer living in a democracy but rather a totalitarian state.

The people in the Australian Government (herein referred to as the ‘administration’) are removing options for the general population in the way they are able to conduct their business.

As an example the late Department of Social Security, now a business called Centrelink has removed from its website the rental assistance form, therefore making it difficult for people to obtain, where they must physically attend an office to obtain such a form.

This may not be a practical or even possible scenario for many disadvantaged people.

The rental assistance form known as the Centrelink Rent Certificate for (SU523) is available for download at:

With the recent very public affair regarding Facebook’s so called ‘data breach’, which in reality is part of their internal business model, attention has been drawn to data collection by companies, organisations which also includes governments, as documented by Edward Snowden.

Very briefly;

Despite what governments say about data being securely stored, people should be aware that their private and personal data which is stored on hard disks on various operating system platforms is very vulnerable to exploitation.

One of the largest culprits in ‘data breaches’ is something called apps on user’s smart phones.

To make it even worse (with regards to the user’s privacy and security), the current technology in GSM ‘feature’ phones or dumb phones and smart phones is not designed for user’s privacy, but rather conversely as a surveillance device.

The current smart phone operating systems duopoly dominated by corporations Apple and Google, do not value your privacy, where data is harvested from your device and sent back to those companies, where it is later passed on to various organisations without your knowledge or consent.

In an effort to monitor and later control the people’s movements the administration will be forcing people to use ‘plastic’ rather than cash in the form of a card called Indue.

The administration is also taking away the choice for people to pay cash for their motor vehicle registration in certain branches of VicRoads.

Many other ‘government’ departments are forcing you ‘online’.

If you are told to download an app from either Apple or Google by a government department, in order to conduct business with them, where there is no paper alternative, you are being forced by them to put your private and confidential data on your phone at risk.

By creating an app. (e.g.) Centrelink is forcing you to conduct business with either Apple or Google, where in reality the same task can be undertaken within the website, therefore being independent of your device’s operating system. 

There is no legitimate reason for apps of this calibre to exist.

Officeworks does not value your privacy

Officeworks is another 'data collection' company.

What they do with 'your' data is something you have no idea about.

The screen capture below is taken from a standard configured Internet browser, where when you type in the address to the officeworks website, you obtain the address you requested.

When you type in the same address into another browser that is configured to protect your privacy, then the Internet address you asked for does not appear, but your browser is redirected to another website that looks like it has ties to Amazon, where an Officeworks looking website is displayed informing the user of an 'error'.

There is no factual 'error' but rather misleading information supplied to the user.

We do not recommend purchasing from Officeworks with a credit card nor giving them your email address so that they can send you your receipt via email.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Microsoft Malware

Microsoft's Windows operating system is literally malware (malicious software) and has been so for quite some time at least 'officially' since Vista, even though malicious code was injected into the operating system even earlier than Windows 2000.

For those who 'just' surf the Internet and use their personal computer for basic word processing spread sheet, presentation or multimedia purposes, there is no legitimate reason to have this operating system on a personal computer, where there are many other (mature, stable and less intrusive) options available to the general public.

See article from gnu.org of the headline:

Microsoft's Software is Malware

Other examples of proprietary malware
Malware means software designed to function in ways that mistreat or harm the user. (This does not include accidental errors.) This page explains how Microsoft software is malware.

Malware and nonfree software are two different issues. The difference between free software and nonfree software is in whether the users have control of the program or vice versa. It's not directly a question of what the program does when it runs. However, in practice nonfree software is often malware, because the developer's awareness that the users would be powerless to fix any malicious functionalities tempts the developer to impose some.

Type of malware

Microsoft Back Doors

Microsoft Insecurity

These bugs are/were not intentional, so unlike the rest of the file they do not count as malware. We mention them to refute the supposition that prestigious proprietary software doesn't have grave bugs.

Microsoft Sabotage

The wrongs in this section are not precisely malware, since they do not involve making the program that runs in a way that hurts the user. But they are a lot like malware, since they are technical Microsoft actions that harm to the users of specific Microsoft software.

Microsoft Interference

Various proprietary programs often mess up the user's system. They are like sabotage, but they are not grave enough to qualify for the word “sabotage”. Nonetheless, they are nasty and wrong. This section describes examples of Microsoft committing interference.

Microsoft Surveillance

Microsoft DRM

Microsoft Jails

Microsoft Tyrants

Microsoft Subscriptions

As this page shows, if you do want to clean your computer of malware, the first software to delete is Windows.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Australia's dodgy Teflon government

The Australian people are subject to governance by a highly organised group of people committing criminal offences, where if caught out you (the general population) cannot pin any offences on the people in government, in effect a government that can do no wrong.

In this day and age of the 'interwebs', it can be difficult to imagine that someone has not heard of the government(?) motto 'nothing to hide nothing to fear', which basically applies to the serf population and not the people in government, where transparency and accountability is not on the agenda, but rather quite the opposite. 

The colonisation of the land mass we call Australia now, began with criminal actions, which  was taken by force and arms by the British crown, from the people already inhabiting this land.

Hardly what you would call noble or honourable actions of the crown.

Since the beginning the settlers who have setup government on this land have gone 'rogue', where in 1865 the 'honourable' crown (you know the ones who supported using force, firearms and violence against the inhabitants of this land) had enough and installed the Colonial Laws Validity Act.

Since old habits are hard to break, this action of going 'rouge' is still the primary method of governance over the good people of Australia.

A popular understanding of the term whistleblower would be that of a person who has seen, documented or experienced illegal or corrupt activities by people in that person's workplace be it in government or the corporate sector.

INSTEAD of focusing on the allegations, in Australia, the people in government and corporations threaten whistleblowers with either loss of their employment which flows on to career loss or with direct harm to their family members.

If that person is to get some sort of hush money, then there is a non disclosure agreement (NDA), which is not only hidden from public but also scrutiny therefore obscuring justice in the process, in effect a document which also supports the organisation's 'do no wrong' fallacy.

See article from 5 Apr 2018 by abc.net.au of the headline:

AFP raids Australian Tax Office whistleblower amid Four Corners investigation

A public servant turned whistleblower employed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has had his home raided by officers from the ATO and the Australian Federal Police on Wednesday morning, after speaking with reporters in a major joint Four Corners and Fairfax investigation into alleged abuse of power by the ATO.

Adelaide-based Richard Boyle, who has worked at the ATO as a debt collector since 2005, told the ABC his rental unit in suburban Edwardstown was raided by a team of four AFP officers accompanied by an ATO investigator.

"This is an astonishing use of public resources, to investigate someone who has passionately and with every fibre of my being tried to assist taxpayers in meeting their tax obligations and to enforce taxpayers who are ripping the country off by not paying their fair share of tax," he said.

Mr Boyle said the officers arrived at his door about 8:00am.

He was still in his dressing gown and didn't have time to change.

He attempted to film the raid but the AFP officers seized his mobile phone, and the phone of his fiancee.

"They've spent the past couple of hours going through our drawers, going through our personal belongings and documents," he said.

The intervention by officers from the AFP and the ATO comes as the Four Corners program prepares to air its investigation into the extraordinary powers of the ATO.

The warrant specifically refers to Four Corners and Fairfax reporter Adele Ferguson, and alleges that Richard Boyle had illegally taken either originals or copies of taxpayer information, photos of ATO computer screens or emails.

Mr Boyle said there was some suggestion from the AFP and ATO officers at his home that he had committed a crime in speaking to the media.

"It's absolutely astonishing. I'm horrified that this organisation has these powers over the community and I think things need to change," he said.

Mr Boyle has had a series of previous run-ins with the ATO.

In 2016 he was formally reprimanded and had his salary docked, for accessing client records against ATO policy and against advice and cancelling interest charges imposed on taxpayers without ATO approval.

Mr Boyle told Four Corners and Fairfax he was only ever trying to assist those taxpayers.

He was suspended with pay last September over another alleged breach of the Public Service Code of Conduct.

The ATO tried to settle with him in February, offering him a payout and a statement of service, with no admission of liability.

He decided to knock it back to speak to Four Corners and Fairfax.

The Tax Office has since suspended him without pay and his future with the ATO still hangs in the balance.

In a statement, the ATO said protecting confidentiality was "critical for the integrity of Australia's tax and super systems".

"Today, swift action was taken, in the execution of a search warrant against an individual in Adelaide, to secure information which we believe was obtained contrary to our secrecy obligations," the statement said.

"The Commissioner is committed to doing everything possible to secure taxpayer information, and will pursue cases where taxpayer confidentiality has been compromised."

The ATO said there was an ongoing investigation with the AFP.

Four Corners and Fairfax reporter, Adele Ferguson's investigation into allegations of abuse of power by the ATO is due to air on Four Corners next Monday. (9th April 2018)